My Funny Button

It's Adar time, it's time to be funny. Unfortunately I left my funny button at home. In case you are wondering (and even if you are not) my funny button is a button that is pressed and poooooff I become funny. I had this button since i was a little boy. My mother always said "you will be a big comedian", but maybe she was just joking in order so that if I become a comedian she can say "he takes after me because I once said a joke to him"!
What was I saying? Oh, right my funny button was always with me, especially when I was in camp, because that is the time where you get to be funny. I never was funny by making trouble Chas Vesholom. It was by making funny voices and faces and entertaining people. So anyway I thought I lost my button and I was looking all over for it. I even asked Google "what should I do if I lost my funny button" and they gave me some yelp. Not help but I don't know why but it didn't yelp me I mean help me.
When the month of Adar came around this year, I still could not find my funny button anywhere. Until finally one day suddenly a surprise guest came to town. I wasn't really so excited to see him, but I decided to pretend that I was. I went over to him and gave him a big hug and smile and than it happened... pooooff! I found my funny button right at that second and we laughed and talked for a long time!
The point of this story is that not everything has a point.
No that is not the point. The point is that sometimes when you are not in the mood of dancing and you start dancing anyway, your feet make your head excited and all of a sudden you are dancing with a lot of joy!
So get out there and pretend to have a good time because it is Adar and we gotta have fun.
Believe me you don't have to believe me when i say "fake it till you make it" because that is an idea which is brought down in Seforim many many years ago.
How many people did you make smile today?
How many tissues did you blow your nose with today?
Sorry for asking such personal questions but you don't have to answer anyway because i can't hear you.
But HaShem is listening to you. [lights fade out and close curtain. END OF SCENE]
2468 for the judges!

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